Advancing Humanae Vitae

Best Practices and Next Steps in Catholic
Health Care Delivery and Education


 The schedule below contains dates and times for all events in addition to the topics which will be addressed by Speakers. Formal presentation titles will be added soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

6:00 PM Mass/Vespers, St. Francis Xavier College Church  
7:00 PM Reception, Saint Louis University  

Friday, October 12, 2018

SESSION 1:    Introducing Humanae Vitae and the Science and Methods of Fertility Awareness

8:30 AM Reexamining Humanae Vitae and its Signficance for Catholic Health Care Brehany
9:15 AM Introduction to Contemporary Fertility Awareness and Methods Duane, Daggs, Dreher
10:15 AM BREAK  
10:30 AM Modern Fertility Awareness: Latest Research, State of the Science Duane, Stanford
11:15 AM Panel Discussion  
12:15 PM LUNCH  

SESSION 2: Advancing Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABMs) and Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) in Contemporary Health Care Delivery Settings

1:15 PM Contemporary Clinical Delivery in Academic Practice Yeung
2:00 PM Health Care System Clinical Delivery and Programs 1 Stalling
2:45 PM BREAK  
3:15 PM Humanae Vitae and the Transformation of Women's Health Care Hilgers
4:00 PM Growing a Fertility Practice in a Catholic Health Care System Puthoff
4:45 PM Panel Discussion/Breakouts  
6:00 PM Reception  

Saturday, October 13, 2018

SESSION 3: Advancing FABMs and RRM in Professional Education

8:30 AM Empowering Students to Share the Science and Truth of Fertility Awareness Duane, Danis
9:15 AM The Importance of Creating a Supporting Environment During the OB/GYN Residence Training Pivarunas
10:15 AM BREAK  
10:30 AM Nursing and Allied Health Education and its Role in Delivery Barron
11:15 AM Panel Discussion/Breakouts  
12:15 PM LUNCH  

SESSION 4: Advancing FABMs and RRM Through Partnerships, Marketing, and Standards

1:15 PM In Communion as a Church: Diocesan Partnerships and Advancing Care Bryson, Daly
2:00 PM Model Delivery & Marketing: The National Gianna Center Nolte
2:45 PM BREAK  
3:15 PM Standards, Science and Service: Enacting Humanae Vitae's Call to Transform Family Planning Into Caring for Family Life Bruchalski
3:55 PM Developing High-Quality Medical Practices in Restorative Reproductive Medicine Carpentier; Stanford
4:30 PM PLENARY DISCUSSION: Next Steps in Contemporary Health Care and Professional Education  
5:30 PM Conclusion  

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